The Great Bar Band Battle

May 31, 2018 | The Palace Theatre | Calgary, AB

403 267 9448

A fundraising event in support of Access to Justice


Last year's Lineup:

Anton Piller & The Shredders

Anton Piller and the Shredders (APATS) have been ripping up stages in Calgary since 2011.  Formerly the “Advo-Cats”, the crew decided a name change was in order after they got too big in Japan on their last tour and several band members were injured.  Originally made up exclusively of lawyers from JSS Barristers, we now represent JSS Barristers, Blakes, Stikeman Elliott, and Soby Boyden Lenz.  Our music is a cross section of rock with an edgy twist, largely focused on 90’s grunge and alt rock, right up to modern day that we make our own with our fast and loose approach to the tunes (in an attempt to disguise our serious talent blind spots).  We play what we like, and we hope you like what we play! Get on the dance floor, jump up and down and sing to the anthems of your (or someone else’s) youth! 

harvey & The specters

Harvey and the Specters don't do anything by the book because they've built their musical career around one thing: winning. Described by many fans as the lovechild of Rivers Cuomo, Ally McBeal, Freddie Mercury, Atticus Finch and Justin Bieber, Harvey and the Specters took home the prize for Fan Favourite in their debut at the 2014 Battle of the Bar Bands. 

When they take the stage you can never be sure what music will come out, or what instruments they will play, but you can be sure that you will have a good time. Their suits might be a little too tight and their ties might be a little too skinny, but their music will literally make you the happiest person on earth.

House of Lords

Do you want to rock and roll all night, and party every day?  Are you looking for someone to rock you like a hurricane?  If it’s only rock and roll, do you still like it?   The House of Lords are Todd Lee, Joe Schuck, Mark Szabo and Corey Prediger and they want you to rock; very hard indeed!  If you're looking for music from the top of today’s pop charts, their set will be a good opportunity to go refresh your fancy cocktail and chat up that hottie/hunk from accounting. But if you're ready for some hard hitting rock and roll from back when they used to make actual music, stick around. Bowie. CCR. Elvis. Kinks. Etc. See you out there.

Red Hot Fieldy Peppers

The Red Hot Fieldy Peppers are all lawyers.  Except for one.
They all work at Field Law.  Except for two, who are honourary.  (They’re also clients, so there’s that...)
They are all really good.  Except for a few.
Two are married to each other.  The others decided they’d just stay friends. 

The Red Hot Fieldy Peppers have been served with a cease-and-desist letter with respect to their name. 
The Great Bar Band Battle may well be their sole appearance.
One of them will thereafter be going solo.

Rodney & The Welders

The award winning Rodney and the Welders are very happy to be back at the 2017 Great Bar Band Battle.  After a significant dispute about charitable tax credits following a September 2016 charity gig, the future of the band was put in serious doubt.  New management and a 35 city tour of Malta allowed Mike Pedlow (lead vocals, mechanic), Zeke Purves-Smith (harp, beer provider), Grant Stevens (guitar, baker), Brian Milne (drums, humour) and Wes Novotny (bass, van transportation) to find renewed friendships and refreshed common musical roots.  Playing strictly chart-topping Norwegian folk/synth inspired blues rock and roll, the Welders hope their new sound will bring them a whole legion of (new) fans.

The Turbines

The Turbines’ roots are in 1990 at the Macleod Dixon Christmas party. Glen Poelman and Andy Robertson formed the band to play one song – Back in the USSR, to celebrate the firm’s recent opening of Canada’s first licensed law office in Moscow. They have played together ever since.

The Turbines have performed at dozens of venues in Calgary, played for the Prime Minister, and toured as far as the Crow’s Nest Pass. They are ready to play any event with their 5 hour repertoire. This extensive library of favourites includes hits made famous by pop, rock and country influences such as Chuck Berry, Fleetwood Mac, The Doobie Brothers, The Eagles, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Billy Joel, BTO, The Mamas and The Papas, and of course, The Wonders. The Turbines feature bench strength from Glen Poelman (guitar) and Andy Robertson (keyboard, guitar, harmonica and vocals), and the talents of Lois May (vocals and keyboard), Geoff Poelman (bass and vocals), and Fosterchild alumnus, now real estate and criminal defence lawyer, Robert Matthews (drums and vocals). 

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